Fish 4 Fish

Pour tous
Jeroen Geenen
Jeroen Geenen


Fish4Fish is a simultaneous revelation card game. The twist: the cards you are bidding with are the same as you are collecting. This results in a quick game with meaningful choices each turn.


In Fish 4 Fish you play the role of an angler who competes with other anglers to catch the best fish.

Fish 4 Fish is a feel-good card game, as it is fast-paced and gives the player a micro-reward each game turn. The main mechanic is simultaneous revelation, but it comes with a twist: the cards you bid with are also the cards you are collecting. This makes the game very interactive and dynamic, with fortune swings that ensure tension until the end. Little rule changes make each of the 3 rounds a little bit different form the previous one, with a grand finale at the end.

Compared to some other card games, Fish 4 Fish keeps players involved during the whole game, as there are no individual player turns. It sets itself apart from other blind bidding games by providing a very smooth and quick player experience that also feels rewarding because every player collects a new card each turn. Finally, the balance between skill and luck makes the game well suited for families.