La Grande Tartiflette

For Everyone
Guillaume Blanc


In La Grande Tartiflette, the players are chefs in the high mountain pastures. They gather to organize a culinary competition.


Legends speak of a small hamlet called Alpage du Sincerneret in which, just before Christmas, the best chefs of the Savoie get together to organize a gastronomic competition. The inhabitants of the valley travel to the village to participate in the festivities, where only the most savory dishes will be served. This year, the honor to participate befalls your family. You must satisfy the hungry crowd as best you can! Be quick and don't delay: go look for ingredients in the village stores and don't forget to chop some wood as payment to the merchants. Ask the old village quack to keep the wolves at bay and receive gifts from the heavens for your pilgrimage to the chapel of Jacquicour, on top of the Roc D'Enfer...

On Christmas eve, we will elect the most prestigious family for the coming year!